Why start this church & why now?

Nevada currently has the 3rd highest divorce rate in the country with nearly 57% of marriages, of both Christians and non-Christians, ending in divorce. If marriages are broken, that means families are broken, and if families are broken, God’s church is broken. It’s time for marriages, families, and everyone else to be healed and restored, so God’s bride, the church, can live out the Great commission, bringing forth His light in a dark world.

September 6th 2019 I had a dream, and God spoke clearly to me, by using the sign of a shovel that left in my yard by landscapers. He showed me a picture of my backyard in my dream and highlighted the shovel. Then I heard the words, “that shovel was left there by Me, as a sign to you; As this shovel was used to plant your backyard, I want you to plant a church.” When I woke up I told my wife this exciting but scary news.

We prayed and asked God to validate His call for us to plant a church with Shane, our Lead Pastor. And Shane validated God’s word to us. But there was still no date to start, so we waited, and we waited, then Covid 19 happened. Then on Easter 2021 I heard from God, “9/11/2022”. Psalms 127:1 says, “Unless the Lord builds the house, the builders labor in vain”… God is building this house! God has led us through this entire journey, and here we are today preparing to fulfill his will! Yea God!!


As Eva and I have different ethnic and cultural backgrounds, we envision a multi-cultural, multi-ethnic, multi-generational church that will be for everyone, and a church that will have a family atmosphere. A church where everyone will be loved and accepted with the freedom to come just as they are. We see PowerHouse Church as a place where true and lasting transformation happens through healing and restoration in marriages, adult singles, widows and widowers, seniors, single parents, and in children. A church that is passionate about reaching the lost, the addicted, the broken, the hurting, and the needy as the hands and feet of Jesus in our church and in our community.

We want to empower and encourage everyone, no matter what season of life they are in, to make the most of that season while supporting and preparing them for their next season of life. A church where kids and the next generations will be made a priority as they will have a fun and safe place to learn about Jesus. We believe that disciples are called to be world changers, so the idea is for everyone to be equipped with the word of God through straightforward biblical teaching and raised to maturity in Christ through discipleship and accountability. A Church where Sunday services will be the pep rallies for what happens outside the church.